The Elyria City Schools
Remote Access System

This system allows you to log into a district computer from any computer at any location. It is important to remember that what you are doing is opening a 'window' to a computer located inside the district. While in that window you will be behind the district's staff Internet filter. Additionally, if you open My Computer/Documents you will see all of your 'S Drive' items. district software is installed on the machine. If there are any items that the district owns that you need to have added please open a work order in the helpdesk. You should also use the helpdesk for any questions or problems you have using the system.

Also keep in mind that you can use this system from within the district. That gives you an opportunity to test it and ask any questions that you may have.

Use of the system is very straight forward. We will only support the use of Internet Explorer for accessing this system. Other browsers may work but we are not able to support them. Identify the appropriate link below that applies to you and click it. Internet Explorer will prompt you to either open or save a file. You may select open to connect immediately or select save to use the file at a later time. That would save you from having to return to this website in the future; you can just double click the file directly once you save it.

You will then be prompted for your district username and password. You will then be presented with two security warnings asking if you want to connect to a remote computer. Check the box for don't ask again and hit 'connect'. If you get an error message saying you are not authorized for remote login make sure you are selecting the right machine below, if so please contact us for help. Shortly you will see a full screen window of a desktop located at the district. Anything you save to your S Drive will be in your S Drive when you arrive at the district and use your regular computer. Anything you save to the desktop while using this system will be lost.

Any suggestions or questions please let us know via the helpdesk and we will be happy to help you.

All Staff